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Cultural Heritage


Our area has an incredibly rich heritage. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and is packed with archaeological remains: prehistoric rock art, Iron Age Settlements, fortresses and other features which fascinate locals and visitors alike.


The most spectacular site on this coastline is Castro A Cabeciña, an Iron and Bronze Age settlement perched on the mountainside just 1500 metres away from A Cabeciña. The rock art and hill fort on this site are a must-visit, even if you just want to check out the incredible views!


The rock art at Pedra Lan is also near Aguncheiro, and a short drive or cycle ride will take you to the Oia monastery (5km), the Santa Tegra hill fort in A Guarda (18km) or the Goián fortress (30km) on the shore of the Miño river. Further up the Miño you can visit Tui (45km) and its spectacular cathedral.


The town of Baiona is just 12km away from Aguncheiro, and is well worth a visit for its monumental centre and beaches - it was also the first ever city which heard about the discovery of America!





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